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Get the High Level ViewITI has a team of associates with a wide range of technology and business skills garnered from several centuries of real world experience. In addition to our "in depth" focus on eCommerce and startup business services, ITI can put together individuals or focused teams to address a wide variety of project assignments. From small to large in technology business areas ranging from general business to the latest in Internet e-commerce strategy, we can help.

The following categories represent the general business areas in which ITI associates specialize. Please refer to the individual pages for more information and contact ITI for an appraisal of your specific projects.

Business Planning Services

ITI can help with services ranging from objective business plan reviews to business plan "tune ups" all the way through complete custom business plan design and development.   We can also work with you on your business plan executive summary, your marketing plan and your PowerPoint® business plan presentation.

Due Diligence

ITI can help with due diligence to objectively validate markets and business models.  For venture capitalists, angels and other prospective investors we can provide invaluable independent validation of business plans, private placement memorandums, prospectuses, etc.  For entrepreneurs we can provide an independent cross check of your strategy and your financial projections. 

We are also available to boards of directors, venture capitalists, private investors and investment bankers who would like an independent operations review of a business or business unit which they feel is underperforming or which may need reorganization.

Internet Technology

ITI associates have a state of the art understanding of Internet technology issues and can help you separate the hype from the help.  From basic Internet strategy to usability to productivity metrics to the latest pay per click (PPC) marketing strategy to search engine optimization to the nitty gritty of web site design, let us help you get the maximum value for your Internet budget.

Amazon® eCommerce

Amazon® is a major force in eCommerce and it's influence continues to grow. If you now sell or plan to sell products online but don't yet understand how Amazon works it's pretty certain that you will have to soon. Unfortunately, navigating the Amazon system can be tricky and mistakes can be very expensive! ITI has been through it before and we can help you develop your Amazon strategy and help you implement it including business setup, Amazon program selection, product content loading, fulfillment options, inventory management, etc. to help shorten your learning curve. We've probably done it before and we can help you do it, too! We can also provide day-to-day management of your Amazon products for you so you can stay focused on your main business.® eCommerce®/Network Solutions® is a popular eCommerce platform for small to medium size businesses. ITI has completely developed a number of ecommerce web stores on the®/Network Solutions® platform including all aspects of business setup, merchant accounts, store design, site navigation, product content loading, etc. We can make setting up your store a completely turnkey operation. We can also provide day-to-day management of your store for you so you can stay focused on your main business.

Business Turnarounds

There are only two kinds of businesses:  those that have been in trouble and those that will get into trouble.  When the trouble gets to be too much it sometimes helps to have the perspective of an outside view.  ITI associates are experienced crisis managers.  They can review a business situation, sort out the facts, develop a plan for recovery and help get things moving in a positive direction again.

Small Business Mergers and Acquisitions

ITI can help both buyers and sellers in the process of putting together a business transaction.  Our associates have been involved in numerous transactions as buyers and sellers and can help you through the transaction and the all important post-transaction integration process.