Turnaround Support

handxrayThe cold reality is that businesses get into trouble.  Key employees leave.   Markets change.  New competitors emerge.  Once great products become obsolete.  New products flop.  Any of these challenges can lead to a business crisis.

Sometimes it takes an outsider, someone with no preconceptions or agendas, to come in, look beneath the surface and pull together a plan to get the business out of the rough and back on track.

Many of our other services for business planning and due diligence can also be helpful when putting together your turnaround plan.  Also,  ITI can provide a number of specialized turnaround services quickly, efficiently, cost effectively and discreetly including:

bulletTurnaround situation analysis
bulletBusiness unit reorganization analysis
bulletTurnaround plan development
bulletTurnaround plan presentation to stakeholders
bulletDebt load analysis and renegotiation strategies
bulletTurnaround recapitalization analysis and deal structure

If, after some objective analysis, it looks like the best strategy is to sell or combine the business, as a neutral third party ITI can help put together a merger or acquisition plan that will meet as nearly as possible the objectives of all stakeholders in the business.

Please contact us  now for rate estimates, for more information on how ITI can help with your turnaround situations or for a proposal on your specific project.