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Business Planning

How do the pieces of the business puzzle fit together?How do the pieces fit together?  It all starts with planning.  Thinking.  Re-thinking.  Questioning.   Probing.  Everybody tells you that you need a comprehensive business plan but if you've never written one it can be a daunting task.  One you'll tend to put off...and off...and off.  Don't do it!!  It is axiomatic in the investment community that, "Failing to plan is planning to fail" and, while no business plan can guarantee business success, lack of a business plan almost certainly increases the probability of business failure.

Unless you are rich enough to fund your dreams without assistance you are probably going to need to raise money and if you are going to raise money - whether its from banks, venture capitalists or angel investors - you are going to need a business plan.

ITI can help with a variety of business planning services for:

bulletIndependent Startups
bulletInternal Startups ("Intrapreneuring")
bulletSpin offs and divestitures
bulletTurnarounds and restarts

Business Plan Review

After you've been working on a business plan for a month you're so close to it that many time it takes an outside view to help you see the obvious.  ITI can help with a business plan review and reality check.

Business Plan Tune Up

Many times you may have a good start on the business plan but it needs some polish and focus to bring out its best points.  ITI can help you tune your business plan to maximum effectiveness.

Custom Business Planning Services

ITI can provide investors or businesses with a wide variety of business planning services.  This can include spin offs, reorganizations, downsizing/rightsizing analysis, turnarounds, etc.  ITI can develop business plans, marketing plans, financial models, etc. to help clarify issues and refine business models.

Executive Summary and Business Plan Presentation

Nothing is more critical in your fund raising process than your executive summary and your initial investor presentations.  Your main business plan may never get looked at unless you clear these important hurdles.  ITI can help you make sure that your business plan summary and presentations are in top form.

Let ITI help you put together sales and marketing programs that will not only increase your revenue but improve your bottom line.  Marketing plans, marketing materials, advertising plans, PR programs, sales force compensation plans, distribution channel analysis, etc.  - ITI associates have done them all before.