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Sales and Marketing Plans

Pump up your salesThe sales and marketing plan is the heart of any business plan.  For many "intrapreneurs" operating inside larger businesses with ongoing operations many times the sales and marketing plan pretty much is the business plan.  ITI associates have years of experience developing sales and marketing programs for businesses of all sizes and shapes.  Its about blocking and tackling, doing the research, putting the pieces together.

We can provide focused sales and marketing services that will help put your company ahead of the power curve.


bulletMarketing plan development and presentation
bulletMarket research
bulletMarket positioning
bulletBusiness presentation development
bulletProduct planning


bulletCompetitive analysis
bulletSales presentation development
bulletSales compensation plan development
bulletSales and marketing project management


Please contact us to discuss your sales and marketing plan requirements so we can be sure resources will be available to provide requested services in the time frame you require.