Merger and Acquisition Support

victoriansEvery year thousands of small businesses go through the process of either buying or being bought while large corporations combine and divest business units to match changing conditions. Its always stressful. It can be traumatic. Under the best of circumstances it is difficult. ITI associates have experience not just with getting the transaction done, but with the all important integration planning and implementation that must go into any transaction where businesses are combined if that transaction is to be successful.

Areas where ITI can assist with M&A include:

bulletSelling memorandum preparation
bulletBuyer business review/analysis
bulletBuyer/Seller valuation analysis
bulletNegotiation facilitation and support
bulletDeal structuring
bulletDue diligence
bulletIntegration planning

Please contact us  now for rate estimates, for more information on how ITI can help with your merger and acquisition programs or for a proposal on your specific project.