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AmazonŽ Platform Support

AmazonŽ is the most dominant online B-to-C sales platform in the world. It is also one of the most complicated to setup and maintain. Done right, AmazonŽ can be an amazing source of sales revenue. Done wrong it can be amazingly frustrating and expensive. And we have the team of associates with a wide range of AmazonŽ experience to make sure you do it right while avoiding the numerous pitfalls that can trip up inexperienced AmazonŽ sellers.

ITI can help with a variety of AmazonŽ services for:


Businesses just getting started on Amazon


Current Amazon sellers who want to improve sales performance


Current Amazon sellers who want to change their delivery method


Current Amazon sellers who want to expand their product offerings


Current Amazon sellers who want to better manage their brand on Amazon

AmazonŽ Vendor Central

Vendor Central was Amazon's original platform for selling 3rd party products. Recently, however, they have been re-positioning Vendor Central for only the largest sellers (over $10M annual sales!) and many smaller vendors are being forced out of Vendor Central with little or no notice. Did you already receive the dreaded "no new purchase orders" letter from Amazon? Don't panic. Let us help you move your products to Seller Central as smoothly as possible.

AmazonŽ Seller Central

Seller Central is where most 3rd party sellers live on Amazon. ITI can help new sellers set up and maintain your account. We can also help existing sellers add more products and improve the listings for existing products, help you win the "buy box" and increase your sales.

AmazonŽ Fulfillment

With Amazon FBM (Fulfill by Merchant) Amazon processes the orders but you are responsible for processing and shipping orders to your customers. Amazon FBA (Fulfill by Amazon) let's you streamline the fulfillment of products to your customers not only processing the orders but then shipping them to your customers. With FBA you bulk ship your products to Amazon warehouses across the country and Amazon takes it from there. Now you can focus on selling more products. We can help you set up your products for FBA and also help you manage your inventory replenishment so that your product is always available for sale while avoiding Amazon's expensive excess inventory charges.

AmazonŽ PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Once you have your products up on Amazon you need to drive traffic to your listings. You can do this passively by editing the SEO for your products or actively by using paid advertising. PPC can be amazingly effective but you need to monitor it carefully to make sure it is giving you a good return on your advertising investment; mistakes can be very expensive! We can help you  find the best search terms to drive sales without breaking your budget.

If you have an established brand and product names with legally registered trademarks there are a number of specialized Amazon programs that can greatly leverage your intellectual property into increased sales. Not only can you use these special Amazon marketing programs only available to legally registered brands, you can also use them to help you eliminate unauthorized sellers competing against you with your own product! We encourage anyone planning to sell on Amazon to register trademarks and UPC's to legally identify your products and we can help you make that happen then help you use it to eliminate unauthorized sellers.


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