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Amazon Vendor Central is Amazon's program where Amazon takes over all responsibility for pricing and selling your product. Amazon places orders with you, you ship product to them, they advertise it, sell it to customers and then they pay you. You have almost no control over how Amazon advertises, prices and sells your products. Vendor central is one of Amazon's oldest 3rd party seller programs. It used to be a more open program but starting more recently it has increasingly become only for the largest vendors (over $10M of sales) with the best known brands and products. As of now, you must be invited by Amazon to become a member of the Vendor Central program and these invitations are getting increasingly rare as Amazon encourages most new vendors to sign up via Seller Central.

As part of their revamping of the Vendor Central program Amazon has been cutting back on their inventory orders to vendors not meeting their criteria. You will receive a letter from Amazon informing you that they are not going to place any further orders for your product; once the inventory they have is gone, that's it. These letters are often issued with no warning. To continue to sell on Amazon you will now need to move your products from Vendor Central to Seller Central and develop your own advertising and fulfillment plans for your products.

Don't panic!

We can help you cancel your Vendor Central agreement, get back your remaining inventory returned to you and get you signed up for Seller Central so you can continue selling your products. The good news is that after the transition you will have a lot more control over your sales.

Turnaround for a Vendor Central to Seller Central transition varies widely depending upon your number of products and their complexity. Please contact us  now for rate estimates and for ordering information on how to schedule your transition.


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