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Amazon Brand Management

If you have an established brand and product names with legally registered trademarks there are a number of specialized Amazon programs that can greatly leverage your intellectual property into increased sales. It is not widely known but these special programs are solely to support vendors who have legally registered brands and products. The programs automatically improve your search visibility and also help you manage who sells your products.

Not only can you use these special Amazon marketing programs only available to legally registered brands, you can also use them to help you eliminate unauthorized sellers competing against you with your own product! We encourage anyone planning to sell on Amazon to immediately register trademarks and UPC's to legally identify your products and we can help you make that happen. You will then be able to use them to take advantage of the Brand Registry programs and also to eliminate unauthorized sellers.

Brand management requires long term commitment and in most some cases we will need to set up a plan for you using time and material billing on a monthly basis.  Please contact us  now for rate estimates on how we can help you set up and/or optimize your Seller Central brand management campaign.

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