Amazon PPC & SEO


Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) Support

Once you have your products up on Amazon you need to drive traffic to your listings. Amazon is an unbelievable large web site (over 600 million products as of early 2019 and adding 1.3 million products per day!). The techniques you need to use to help customers locate your products in this gigantic catalog are similar to the techniques used to optimize content for Google, Bing or other general web sites.

The two primary methods of driving traffic to your orders are:


Passive SEO: With SEO you research keywords and structure your product listings so your products will turn up in searches


Active with PPC:    With PPC you research keywords and create ads so your product ads will display in searches. You pay when your ad is clicked.

Of the two, PPC is much more effective than SEO but it is also more expensive. PPC can be amazingly effective but you need to monitor it carefully to make sure it is giving you a good return on your advertising investment; mistakes can be very expensive! Whether you are using SEO or PPC we do the research to help you select the best search terms to drive sales without breaking your budget.

Both SEO and PPC require ongoing management and in most some cases we will need to set up a plan for you using time and material billing on a monthly basis.  Please contact us  now for rate estimates on how we can help you set up and/or optimize your Seller Central SEO and PPC campaigns.

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