Web Development


Web Site Development and Implementation

Your web site's architecture mattersIts all well and good to have a grand Internet strategy but somebody has to build you a web site that implements the strategy and looks good while doing it.  And it needs to get done on time and on budget.

If you already have a web site and you'd like an unbiased review of how it performs, an ITI Web Site Review is a probably a good place to start.  We'll check the site, review the navigation, look at load time, usability, etc. and provide a report with suggestions for changes and improvement.

ITI associates are among the best in the world at web site implementation.  They have built some of the largest commercial web sites in the world - we can pretty much guarantee that you've seen them and used them.  We focus on meeting your business requirements, not on whether or not we have built you the latest, "edgiest" site in town.

In web development one size definitely does not fit all.  We have a variety of developer groups to match a wide variety of applications, everything from small local sites to large, international sites with support for dozens of languages.  And we can provide the project management and coordination to make sure that wherever its build, it meets your requirements and fits your budget.

Web services ITI can supply include:

bulletWeb development planning
bulletWeb developer selection
bulleteCommerce web site planning
bulletProject coordination and management
bulletWeb site architecture development for new sites
bulletWeb site architecture analysis for current sites
bulletUsability analysis
bulletWeb site productivity analysis
bulletDevelopment tool selection
bulletWide variety of implementation modalities (HTML, ASP, Java, Perl, etc.)

Please contact us  now for rate estimates and for more information on how ITI can help bring your web development programs in on time, on budget or for a proposal on your specific project.