Basic Business Due Diligence

Basic Due DiligenceDoes the balance sheet balance?  Are there really 3 million people in California alone ready to buy the planned widget?  Is the total available market large enough to support the projected growth rate?  Is there really no competition or competitive technology?

The ITI basic due diligence package is well suited both to investors looking to validate the essential details of a business plan, prospectus, PPM, etc. and to entrepreneurs looking to see what independent research will reveal about their target business.  ITI will check the financial models for accuracy, dig into data bases and other available public information sources to verify claims as to market size, demographics, product uniqueness, competition, etc.  We don't just rely on information as presented in the plan but build our own search models.

Every ITI Basic Due Diligence Report includes:

bulletMarket size and segmentation research
bulletCompetition research
bulletVerify projected income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, sales forecasts, capital structures etc. for arithmetic accuracy.
bulletElectronic format due diligence report including summary plus Internet links and/or references to original source materials for further follow up.
bulletOur unique ITI due diligence checklist showing how the proposed plan responded to 45 items that we think should be answered in every business plan.

Turnaround for a typical basic due diligence report is one to two weeks, depending upon our work load; rush service may be available.  Please contact us  now for rate estimates and for information on how to schedule your business basic due diligence review.

Important Note:  ITI standard due diligence reports provide publicly available information on business and market data; our standard reports do not provide legal opinions, legal advice or any information which is proprietary.  Legal due diligence wherein historical financial statements, contracts, leases, employment agreements, etc. are reviewed in detail for their legal implications is another dimension of the total due diligence process and should be undertaken by competent legal personnel.  ITI has experienced legal counsel available to assist in this type of due diligence upon request.